An Inclusive Approach to Improving Attendance

By placing children at the very heart of our approach, we’re crafting brighter futures, fostering connections, and ensuring that attendance becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Welcome to Inclusive Attendance

At Inclusive Attendance Ltd, we are driven by a singular mission: to cultivate a culture in schools where everyone is responsible for attendance. Step into a realm of educational transformation where attendance isn’t just a statistic, but a catalyst for improving the lives of children, families and fostering social regeneration.

We are driven by a commitment to evidence-informed practices, grounding our approach in rigorous research and proven methodologies. This dedication to informed decision-making empowers us to craft interventions that reach beyond surface-level enhancements, instigating enduring transformations in educational experiences and nurturing a brighter future for all.

Leading this exciting new venture is Wayne Harris, accompanied by a team of attendance experts dedicated to supporting schools throughout the UK. Wayne boasts a wealth of experience in attendance leadership, spanning both secondary and primary settings since 2007. He has consistently demonstrated a remarkable track record of elevating attendance levels within both Multi-Academy Trusts and individual schools.

Welcome to Inclusive Attendance Ltd, a platform where we are rewriting the narrative on attendance. Join us in our aim to build a culture of responsibility, inclusivity, and empowerment, as we redefine the role of attendance in shaping lives and communities.

The solution

Improving attendance rates cannot be achieved through a one-size-fits-all approach. Schools must tailor their attendance strategies to align with their unique vision, values, and ethos.

This requires embracing a child-centred and evidence-based approach that encompasses all children and young people (CYP), families, and the wider community.

Furthermore, by offering exceptional professional development opportunities, all staff can enhance their understanding of their individual roles and collective responsibilities in promoting attendance and supporting children.

We believe there are six critical strategies for improving attendance:

  • Foster an inclusive culture where all individuals comprehend their roles and responsibilities in enhancing attendance outcomes.
  • Provide continuous Professional Development to all staff.
  • Re-establish the culture and expectations following the pandemic.
  • Emphasise actions that prioritise the well-being of children and families to enhance attendance outcomes.
  • Incorporate evidence-based research and innovation into your attendance model to gain insights into effective educational practices.
  • Create environments that cultivate a strong sense of belonging and connectedness for all children and young people within your educational setting.

Who can access our Professional Development programmes?

Our professional development programmes extend beyond traditional educational settings. Our reach embraces a wide spectrum, ensuring that our transformative offerings empower a broad community of education professionals.

  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • MAT Level Provision
  • Further Higher Education (FHE)
  • Alternative Provision & Special Education
  • SCITT Provision
  • Local Authority Provision
  • Teaching School Hubs