7-Month Development Programme – In-Person Delivery

Embarking on the Inclusive Attendance 7-month Development Programme offers a transformative journey tailored for educators committed to excellence. This in-person delivery is structured around a four-part stage approach, meticulously designed to empower educators at every step of their growth. The landscape of effective Professional Development (PD) is evolving, and our programme, aligned with the EEF Effective Professional Development guidance report, spearheads this transformation.

By choosing in-person delivery, schools benefit from direct interactions with our expert consultants, fostering peer-to-peer collaboration, thought leadership, and bespoke reasoning. Each stage, from building foundational knowledge to sustaining best practices, is crafted to ensure a holistic understanding and application of attendance strategies.

Programme overview

Our programme unfolds in four distinct stages: Building Knowledge and Motivating Teachers, Developing Teacher Techniques, Embedding Practice, and Sustaining Practice. Each stage is tailored to address specific facets of attendance, ensuring comprehensive growth and development

Stage 1 – Building Knowledge & Motivation

At this foundational stage, we emphasise the power of strategic recall to maximise learning. Staff will delve into the 6 Learning Modules, complemented by tasks that check for understanding. This method ensures retention of vital information, paving the way for profound engagement. Additionally, the self-populating Active Ingredients attendance action plan serves as a guiding blueprint, aligning strategies for optimal outcomes.

Stage 2 – Developing Teacher Techniques

This stage is marked by an onsite Attendance audit, designed to refine educators’ skills and deepen their grasp of effective strategies. The significance of role modeling is paramount here, with demonstrations showcasing exemplary practices. As staff further explore the six Learning Modules, continuous monitoring and feedback become crucial, ensuring the evolution of school practices towards excellence.

Stage 3 – Embedding Practice

Progressing to the second Attendance audit, the focus sharpens on ingraining practices. The Active Ingredients action plan is revisited and refined, ensuring alignment with the school’s evolving needs. Throughout this phase, staff are supported with prompts and cues as they immerse in the Learning Modules. Encouraging self-monitoring and reflection, this stage empowers educators to hone their techniques and approaches.

Stage 4 – Sustaining Excellence

The journey culminates at Stage 4, where action planning extends beyond the present, laying out a vision for subsequent years. By this point, a culture is firmly established where all staff recognise their pivotal roles in boosting attendance outcomes. With the completion of the 6 Learning Modules, the emphasis is on self-driven monitoring and reflection, ensuring a sustained commitment to best practices year after year.

Transform your institution’s approach to attendance by filling out the enquiry form below. Our team eagerly awaits the opportunity to collaborate, guide, and celebrate your journey to attendance excellence.

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