About us

From our core values to our innovative delivery, discover the essence of Inclusive Attendance and our unwavering dedication to positive change.

Who we are

At the helm of our mission is Wayne Harris, delivering a revolutionary Professional Development model that empowers schools to cultivate a culture where everyone is responsible for school attendance. Our remarkable team comprises experts from diverse fields, collaboratively crafting Professional Development modules that remain at the forefront of educational research and practice.

With over 32 years of combined experience in attendance leadership, our team has collaborated with over 600 schools across the United Kingdom over the last two years – we stand ready to deploy our expertise, guiding schools through our array of development programmes.

Our unwavering commitment extends beyond mere programmes. Once you become a part of our network, you join a family of schools united by a common purpose: enhancing lives and communities. We’re here to offer support whenever you need it, ensuring that together, we navigate the educational landscape towards a brighter, more empowered future for children and families.

Our Values

Our core values drive our every endeavour. We firmly believe that child-centred actions possess the unparalleled potential to reshape outcomes, creating environments where every child’s journey is supported through opportunities and empowerment. Our dedication extends beyond individuals, aiming to improve the lives of not only children but also their families and entire communities. We champion the idea that all stakeholders bears a responsibility for fostering consistent school attendance, as it is a collective effort that shapes the future.

We are committed to supporting educational settings in cultivating environments that thrive on the principles of belonging and connectedness, for it is through these foundations that lasting positive transformations are woven.

Child Centred

We believe child centred actions change outcomes.

Improve lives

We believe in improving the lives of children, families, and communities.


We believe everyone is responsible for school attendance.


We believe in supporting educational settings to establish a culture built on foundations of belonging and connectedness to allow all children to thrive.

Our Professional Development Delivery Model

The Inclusive Attendance Professional Development Model revolutionises how schools address attendance. Our goal is straightforward: create a culture where everyone is accountable for enhancing attendance. Recognising the vital role of each staff member, our model provides top-tier professional development. The six Learning Modules, co-designed by experts from various fields, empower staff with deeper knowledge and clarity on their roles.

This approach fosters an inclusive environment, emphasising collective responsibility. Central to our approach are the four domains of practice, bridging theory with real-world application, covering professional practice, ongoing learning, evidence-based research, and innovative leadership.

The work of Professor Katherine Weare (2015) and Thalia González et al (2021) underpins the Attendance Professional Development model.

These research papers focus on adopting mental health, social well-being, and restorative practice strategies to support schools to implement a range of interventions which builds a culture of belonging for all children.

The model creates conditions for addressing social justice issues, building positive mental health, developing emotional resilience, and social and emotional learning.


  • We encourage all schools to demonstrate courage in their child-centred initiatives aimed at supporting children and families.
  • We support schools in taking the lead in educational transformation to create a meaningful impact on the lives of children and their families.
  • Embrace innovation and step away from traditional, outdated attendance practices.