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Online Platform

Welcome to our online platform, a self-paced journey enriched with an abundance of resources, Learning Modules, and an in-depth self-populating action plan. This digital route ensures flexibility and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Our transformative Attendance Development Programme is a testament to the future of Professional Development (PD).  Designed by our accomplished attendance experts, this programme is meticulously crafted to guide schools through a journey of self-discovery, from understanding their current practices to establishing sustainable practices that yield improved outcomes for all children and the wider school community.

What does this programme offer?

This programme is a synthesis of evidence-based research, practical application, and collaborative learning. It’s designed to not only enhance attendance strategies but to foster a culture of inclusivity, responsibility, and growth. Dive into a holistic experience that promises transformative outcomes, expert guidance, and a lasting impact on your educational community .The landscape of effective Professional Development (PD) is evolving, and the EEF Effective Professional Development guidance report spearheads this transformation.

Digital Flexibility & Resources

Embrace the convenience of our online platform with self-paced Learning Modules enriched with resources. This digital approach provides a wealth of knowledge and tools at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Each module is designed for time efficiency, requiring only 30 minutes to complete and seamlessly integrating into your school’s professional development programme. Perfectly suited for the Inclusive Attendance 7-month implementation programme, they require just 30 minutes per each half term!

Certified CPD

Deliver exclusive professional learning opportunities designed to enrich the understanding of all your school staff. Upon successfully completion of the six Learning Modules, staff members will be awarded certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credentials. This approach will help instil a culture of shared responsibility for school attendance among all members of your school community.

Actionable Plans & Implementations

Gain access to automated, actionable plans and tools for measuring progress, guaranteeing the practical implementation and measurable results in improving attendance.


Within this section find an extensive collection of over 80 resources at your disposal to assist your staff in applying their newly acquired knowledge in their daily work. These resources have been expertly crafted by professionals from Inclusive Attendance Ltd and generously provided by our respected signposting partners, including KOOTH and Young Minds.

Inclusive Governors

Our accredited Professional Development course provides Governors with a comprehensive learning experience, delving into the school’s attendance strategies and staff duties. These six bespoke Learning Modules offer a unique opportunity for Governors to deepen their understanding of attendance practices, bolstering their knowledge and clarifying their roles and responsibilities. Specifically tailored to the nuances of attendance support, challenge, and accountability, our Inclusive Attendance course is the only accredited initiative of its kind in the United Kingdom. Upon completion of this course, Governors will be able to contribute to fostering a culture of inclusivity within their schools, actively engaging in the holistic approach to attendance support that involves the entire school community. This accreditation underscores the critical role that Governors play in supporting the communities they represent, ensuring a cohesive and supportive educational environment for all stakeholders.

What does this programme offer?
Digital and Flexible Training

Access our accredited CPD course online, allowing you to complete six bespoke Learning Modules at your own pace.

Certified CPD

Gain access to the only accredited attendance Professional Development programme for Governors in the UK. Translate your learning into practice to foster a culture of collective responsibility for attendance.

Surpass DfE Requirements

Ensure your school exceeds the statutory DfE attendance paper requirements from August 2024. Our CPD offer enables you to build a truly inclusive attendance approach.

Empowering Governors

Equip Governors with the knowledge and tools to fulfil their roles and responsibilities effectively, contributing to an Inclusive Attendance approach within your educational setting.

Consultancy Services

Welcome to our transformative 7-month Professional Development programme, meticulously structured into four pivotal stages to champion the growth of educators.  If a more hands-on approach resonates with your school, our in-person delivery promises immersive sessions with our seasoned consultants, fostering peer collaboration, and offering bespoke insights.

What does this programme offer?

This in-person delivery programme offers schools a comprehensive understanding of evidence-based research, practical application, and collaborative learning. It is specifically designed to offer hands-on support to schools that prefer to work closely with a consultant to bolster attendance strategies and cultivate a culture of inclusivity, responsibility, and growth. Importantly, the programme still permits schools to join the online platform and access all the essential tools mentioned earlier, ensuring flexibility in participation.

Expert Consultation & Peer Collaboration

Whether it’s the hands-on guidance from our consultants in-person or collaborative online discussions, benefit from shared experiences, insights, and tailored strategies that cater to your school’s unique needs.

Digital Flexibility & Resources

Embrace the convenience of our online platform, which features self-paced learning modules complemented by a wealth of resources. This digital pathway ensures that you have access to a vast reservoir of knowledge and tools whenever and wherever you need them. Our consultants will expertly guide your staff through this exceptional learning platform.

Certification & Further Opportunities

Complete your journey with a certification, a testament to your dedication and expertise. Plus, gain exclusive access to our esteemed KITE Mark Programme, further enhancing your school’s commitment to attendance excellence.

Multi Academy Trusts, Local Authorities and Regional Networks of schools programmes

Inclusive Attendance collaborates with Multi Academy Trusts, networks of schools, and Local Authorities throughout the United Kingdom. Our programmes are highly adaptable and designed to meet the specific needs of each organisation. Our overall objective for this programme is to establish sustainable models that promote independence and ensure continuous growth year after year. 

What does this programme offer?

Our in-person delivery programme is tailored for MATs, Networks, and Local Authorities, offering a comprehensive understanding of evidence-based research, practical application, and collaborative learning. This hands-on support ensures that networks can work closely with a consultant to enhance attendance strategies and foster a culture of inclusivity, responsibility, and growth. Join us to create sustainable, year-on-year improvements in attendance across your schools. 

Strategic Leadership Framework

Our programmes provide a strategic leadership framework to effectively support multiple schools in transforming their attendance culture within their unique settings.

Expert Consultation & Peer Collaboration

Benefit from in-depth consultations and peer collaboration, where our consultants offer tailored strategies based on shared experiences and insights.

Impact-Driven Results

Working with over 800 schools, our programmes have delivered significant improvements. On average, schools see a 3% increase in Attendance Rates and a remarkable 9% decrease in Persistent Absence, surpassing national averages.

Flexibility for Future Needs

Our programmes are designed with flexibility in mind, aiming to build inclusive, sustainable, and independent models that ensure ongoing progress.

In-Person Delivery

Our expert consultants engage directly with your teams, starting with an initial conference to outline our programme’s approach. They then provide hands-on support to schools, focusing on fostering an attendance culture rooted in innovative practices and child-centered actions. This approach ensures collective responsibility for attendance across all stakeholders.

KITE Mark Programme

The KITE Mark Programme embodies a prestigious certification that reflects a school’s unwavering commitment to upholding excellence in attendance. This esteemed recognition is exclusively accessible to educational settings that have successfully completed our comprehensive four-stage implementation programme. Following a one-day audit and review by one of our expert Inclusive Attendance Consultants, your school will be assessed against specific criteria. Successful schools will then be granted certification, receiving an Inclusive Attendance wall plaque and permission to use the Inclusive Attendance KITE Mark accreditation logo on the school website and correspondence.

The journey begins with the Bronze award in the first year, progresses to Silver in the second year, and culminates in Gold during the third year. After five years of consistently maintaining inclusive attendance practices, your school will attain the esteemed Platinum certification.

What does this programme offer?

The KITE Mark Programme provides a structured framework for schools to validate, benchmark, and continuously improve their attendance strategies, post the completion of our foundational four stage implementation programme.

Sequential Advancement

Progress through the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum standards, each delineating a higher level of commitment and efficacy in attendance strategies.

Guided Expertise

Benefit from our team’s tailored insights and support, ensuring your institution’s strategies align with best practices and contemporary research.

Elevated Recognition

Each KITE Mark level enhances your institution’s credibility, underscoring your dedication to attendance excellence to all stakeholders.

Resource Access & Continuous Refinement

Gain access to advanced resources and tools, ensuring that your commitment to attendance is consistently informed, effective, and aligned with best practices.

One Day Audit

Embark on a transformative journey with our One Day Audit. This unique experience is designed to revolutionise your school’s attendance practices, all within a single day, using our cutting-edge Inclusive Attendance audit process.

What does this programme offer?

With guidance from our attendance experts, who boast over 32 years of collective experience and collaborations with over 600 UK schools, this program dives deep, offering invaluable insights and a fresh perspective on your current attendance methodologies.

Expert-led experience

The day is spearheaded by attendance professionals with over 32 years of collective experience and collaborations with 600+ UK schools.

Holistic school culture

Understand your current attendance practices and foster a culture where everyone is accountable for attendance.

Evidence-informed strategies

Learn how data-driven strategies can enhance support for children and families in your educational environment.

Comprehensive overview

Conclude with a detailed analysis of your strengths, opportunities, and a roadmap via the Active Ingredients Action Plan for future success.

Online Conference Sessions

Join us for an exclusive conference featuring Wayne Harris, a renowned attendance leader with an impressive history of elevating attendance rates across Primary and Secondary schools.

What does this programme offer?

With over a decade of experience, Wayne’s innovative approaches have positioned him as a pioneer in attendance improvement strategies.

Distinguished leadership

Wayne Harris, with his remarkable track record, leads the charge in enhancing school attendance rates.

Extensive experience

Benefit from Wayne’s decade-long expertise, which has made him a leading figure in attendance improvement.

Groundbreaking programme

As of September 2023, Wayne launched a transformative Professional Development programme.

Fostering responsibility

The conference’s core aim is to empower schools to cultivate a culture where everyone is accountable for attendance.