How We Help

Elevate your school’s attendance strategy with our comprehensive offerings, blending professional development, actionable insights, and collaborative partnerships.

Our Professional Development Programmes

Inclusive Attendance offer a range of Professional Development opportunities to ensure each school
receives tailored programmes to meet their needs.

Certified Professional Development for all staff

Embarking on our Professional Development Model is a journey towards comprehensive understanding and actionable change. Upon successfully completing the six enriching Learning Modules, along with the insightful checking for understanding quiz, your staff will be rewarded with a certified CPD certificate—a testament to their newfound expertise.

Online Platform and Consultancy Services

Our online platform empowers educational setting to independently implement a customised attendance development programme. Upon joining the membership section, your school will gain access to:

  • The Inclusive Attendance Professional Development Model.
  • Six tailored Learning Modules for all staff.
  • Accredited CPD certification.
  • Over 80 educational resources.
  • A structured and well-resourced four-stage development programme.
  • Self-generating action plans and progress assessment tools.
  • Networks for guidance and referrals.
  • Access free webinars to stay updated on the latest developments in education.

You also have the option to engage one of our consultants to provide on-site support and guidance for your school. Our consultants can be booked to:

  • Deliver the 4-stage development programme.
  • Conduct a one-day audit to assess your current practices.
  • Award a KITE mark for your ongoing and sustained practices.

Self-Populating Action Plan

Our self-assessment process goes beyond the surface, delving into the core of the Attendance Professional Development model.  Upon completing the self-assessment your school will unlock a new insight into current attendance practice. The Active Ingredients action plan is automatically generated upon completion of the self-assessment, this action plan isn’t just a list—it’s a tailored roadmap that highlights your strengths and pinpoints areas for potential improvement.

We believe that understanding what works well and identifying opportunities for enhancement are essential steps in creating a culture of attendance excellence. The Active Ingredients action plan identifies these insights, providing a clear direction for your school’s growth.

Take advantage of a complimentary trial of the self-generating action plan. Just conduct our free sample self-assessment of your school environment based on the key strands we’ve identified for you. When you finish, you’ll receive sample actionable recommendations to enhance outcomes in your school.

External Signposting Partners

We recognise the pivotal role that collaborative partnerships with external experts play in enriching knowledge and understanding. We take great pride in our alliances with exceptional professionals from diverse fields.

The external partners signposting platform serves as a gateway for schools to tap into a wealth of expertise spanning the entire United Kingdom. Through this online platform, educators gain access to a network of valuable insights, enabling them to drive positive change, elevate practices, and ultimately enhance support.