KITE Mark Programme

Completed the 7 Month Development Programme? The next step is to sign up to the KITE Mark Programme!

Introducing our distinguished KITE Mark Programme, a testament to your school’s commitment to sustained attendance excellence following the completion of the 7-month development programme. As the new academic year dawns, your school can arrange a one-day audit, ensuring that the principles learned remain embedded in practice. Achieving the Bronze level entails meeting criteria that reflects your dedication to attendance improvement, if successful the school will be rewarded with CPD certification as a testament to your accomplishments.

The journey continues into the second year, as your school aspires for the silver award. Through another one-day review, our attendance experts will measure sustained practice against the silver criteria. Successful attainment leads to CPD certification and a momentous celebration of your strides. Finally, in the third year, following the completion of the 7-month programme, the pinnacle of the gold standard beckons. With sustained practice and fulfilment of gold criteria, CPD certification acknowledges your remarkable success.

But the journey doesn’t end there. After 5 years of dedicated commitment, your school can vie for the coveted Platinum award. Meeting Platinum criteria and sustaining excellence over half a decade reaps a final accolade—CPD certification for exceptional achievements.

Join us in this remarkable voyage of ongoing improvement, where each award reflects your school’s dedication to nurturing attendance excellence over the long term. Fill in the form below to sign up!

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