Inclusive Governors


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Our accredited Professional Development course provides Governors with a comprehensive learning experience, delving into the school’s attendance strategies and staff duties. These six bespoke Learning Modules offer a unique opportunity for Governors to deepen their understanding of attendance practices, bolstering their knowledge and clarifying their roles and responsibilities. Specifically tailored to the nuances of attendance support, challenge, and accountability, our Inclusive Attendance course is the only accredited initiative of its kind in the United Kingdom. Upon completion of this course, Governors will be able to contribute to fostering a culture of inclusivity within their schools, actively engaging in the holistic approach to attendance support that involves the entire school community. This accreditation underscores the critical role that Governors play in supporting the communities they represent, ensuring a cohesive and supportive educational environment for all stakeholders.

  • Digital and Flexible Training: Access our accredited CPD course online, allowing you to complete six bespoke Learning Modules at your own pace.
  • Certified CPD: Gain access to the only accredited attendance Professional Development programme for Governors in the UK. Translate your learning into practice to foster a culture of collective responsibility for attendance.
  • Surpass DfE Requirements: Ensure your school exceeds the statutory DfE attendance paper requirements from August 2024. Our CPD offer enables you to build a truly inclusive attendance approach.
  • Empowering Governors: Equip Governors with the knowledge and tools to fulfil their roles and responsibilities effectively, contributing to an Inclusive Attendance approach within your educational setting.