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Our transformative Attendance Development Programme is a testament to the future of Professional Development (PD). Designed by our accomplished attendance experts, this programme is meticulously crafted to guide schools through a journey of self-discovery, from understanding their current practices to establishing sustainable practices that yield improved outcomes for all children and the wider school community.


Designed in strict alignment with the Education Endowment Foundation Professional Development guidance, our programme is built upon the foundation of pivotal stages: “Building Knowledge and Motivating Teachers,” “Developing Techniques,” “Embedding Practice,” and “Sustaining Practice”. These mechanisms, rooted in evidence-based research, offer a structured approach for targeted growth, ensuring that school’s benefit from a robust and effective strategy.


Four stages overview

  • Stage 1: Building Knowledge and Motivating Teachers – Begin the journey by nurturing a shared understanding and motivation among staff. In this stage, staff will access the tailored Learning Modules to enhance their grasp of roles and collective responsibilities. This stage will conclude with the completion of an online self-assessment and the creation of an Active Ingredients Action Plan, identifying priority actions.
  • Stage 2: Developing Teacher Techniques – In this stage, the focus is on refining teaching methods, accompanied by an on-site evaluation to assess practical implementation. Staff will persist in their engagement with the Learning Modules, delving deeper into their comprehension. They will also have access to comprehensive guidance and resources to scrutinise their own daily attendance procedures within the educational setting, pinpointing both strengths and areas that require enhancement. The on-site audit will provide leaders with a more profound insight into the overall school practices. Additionally, they will utilize the online self-assessment tool to identify areas of effectiveness and areas that require improvement.
  • Stage 3: Embedding Practice – Stage three places a strong emphasis on the thorough integration of daily practices, with a focus on assessing the sustainability of actions identified in earlier stages. In this stage, staff continue to advance their knowledge by delving deeper into the Learning Modules. Leaders also seize the opportunity to utilise the online self-assessment tool, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the progress achieved within your educational setting.
  • Stage 4: Sustaining Practice – The program concludes with a thorough on-site audit, designed to assess the overall success of the programme and ensure the long-term sustainability of the established practices. By this point, staff members will have completed the Learning Modules and gained a profound understanding of their individual roles and shared responsibilities in supporting and promoting attendance outcomes. Leaders will have the opportunity to revisit the online self-assessment tool to gauge their school’s progress. Furthermore, they will utilise the insights from this assessment to shape the next phase of their development plan.


Key Benefits of the online platform


Comprehensive Learning Modules

Access all 6 Learning Modules, designed to deepen understanding and facilitate strategic recall, ensuring that educators retain and apply crucial information effectively.


Self-Populating Active Ingredients Plan

Upon completion of specific tasks, the platform generates a tailored attendance action plan, aligning activities and outcomes for optimal impact, guiding schools in implementing attendance strategies.


Feedback and Monitoring

The online platform offers mechanisms for self-assessment, reflection, and feedback, ensuring that educators continuously evolve their practices and understanding.

**Access your school dashboard to oversee, assess, and provide support for the progress your staff is achieving as they engage with the customised Learning Modules.


Convenience and Flexibility

With round-the-clock access, educators can pace their learning, revisiting modules and resources as needed, ensuring a thorough grasp of the content.


Certification and Recognition

Upon successful completion of the programme, educators receive a certification, acknowledging their expertise and commitment to enhancing attendance outcomes.


By choosing this platform, you’re not just accessing a course; you’re committing to a structured, evidence-backed approach that promises tangible improvements in attendance outcomes. Take the proactive step towards a brighter educational future. Enrol today and set your school on the path to excellence.

If you require an invoice, please email us with the number of seats you require, invoice address, and contact details of the person who will be managing the programme. Please note that access will only be given upon full payment of invoice.