Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about managing your team and their course progress.

How do I register my employees?

To register a new employee, visit the Team Management page. During your account creation, a default team will have been created for you. Select “Manage Team” to manage active employee accounts.

In the team page, select “Add Team Member”. First and last name, username, and password are required. If you include an email address, your team member will receive a welcome email including their username and password.

You can also add new employees via a spreadsheet by selecting “Import List” and downloading the template.

How do I purchase additional seats?

Visit the Team Management page and select a team to manage. Select “Add Seats”. If you need to purchase more than one additional seat, you can update the quantity in your basket before checkout.

How do I check my team’s progress?

On the Team Management page, you can expand the Organisation Report tab to view progress. Within each team, you can also filter by employee to view individual progress.

How do I get a copy of my purchase receipt?

You can view a record of all orders on the Orders tab of your Dashboard.

Can I remove an employee or reassign a seat?

On the Team Management page, select the team to which your employee belongs. Select “Edit” next to the employee you’d like to remove, then select “Delete” in the pop-up menu. This will return the seat to your available seats total.

Can I download my team’s completion certificates?

Visit the Team Management page and select the team to which your employee belongs. Under the team list, there is a filter by employee section. Select the employee in question, click “Filter”, and if they have completed the course, a download link will appear to the bottom right of their course progress.

For additional technical assistance, please email